Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have a new schedule, and it's working out well. I'm out of the house earlier in the morning, but am home by 3 pm, which is great. It leaves plenty of time to hang with J in the afternoon and get things done around the house. It will be nice when the days get shorter because I'll actually see a few minutes of daylight. It's a bummer that Adam and I don't have any of the same days off, but because I do get home earlier it gives us plenty of family time in the afternoons on the days Adam is off.

I've gotten three afternoon runs in this week, all with J: five, six and seven (today) miles. Yesterday we took a new route by the airport and J loved seeing the planes overhead. I went by the airport again today but he fell asleep.. Hence the longer run.


In the past couple of weeks, Jack's speech has exploded! He's mimicking most words (sometimes audibly, sometimes not.. I understand him, though!) and it's so exciting! He has the sweetest little voice and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that soon "Di," turns into "Mama."

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