Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back On

Can you believe it's Friday already? Oh wait, it's only Wednesday. But I have Thursday and Friday off, so it's the weekend for me!


Last Sunday, Jack had a playdate with Ella.

She looks like she's a little unsure of J...

They played really well together and at one point, I thought, "I could handle twins." Haha. I love watching them together, because Ella is Jack's first friend: born just two weeks before him. I can't wait to show them these pictures when they are teenagers.


Update: Running and I are back on (deja vu? I feel like a just said this a couple weeks ago). Since the half marathon, I've been in sort of a running slump, lacking any real desire to run. Usually, I crave a run. After Saturday's run, I was feeling better about the act then took Sunday and Monday off. I ran six miles solo yesterday (in 54 minutes!) and ran four miles today with J and the teacher I work with and her daughter, Lilly (J's new friend, too- they are in the same classroom). It was great to run with someone new at a leisurely pace and just enjoy the act of running.

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