Saturday, April 7, 2012

Full Bloom

Hi there, yes I'm still here. Life is in full bloom and this three day weekend was much needed. Nesting mode is still going strong, and with about 13 weeks left until the baby arrives, I'm feeling like there's so much I need to do (the rational side of my brain tells me that most of the items on my "to do" list are not necessities).

I can't believe March has come and gone, and I'm proud to say I closed March with 63 running miles. At just about 27 weeks, running has become slower and harder. I have been using the jogger much more again since the weather has been cooperating, and getting used to running with that after a break is always tough. The good thing about having Jack as a running partner is that he doesn't care how slow I go. I'm trying to keep runs during the week around 3-5 miles and one longer one on the weekend, either six or seven. My midwives are still on board with me running as long as I keep my breathing under control. As much as I'm enjoying this pregnancy and running while pregnant, I'm itching to race. I have a feeling it will be hard attending the Vermont City Marathon as a spectator this year.

Teaching yoga has been fun, definitely making modifications for myself but I've tried not to let it affect my classes. I keep reminded myself that I don't need to be able to do everything I teach. My favorite part about teaching while pregnant is the when I have a new student come to class and they assume that because I'm pregnant, class will be easy. I like to prove them wrong!

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